16 August – Ferrier Mackay-James’ Memorial visit

Alastair, Mary, Ferrier, Susanah and Peter Mackay-James, Nicola Moll, Susanah Mackay-James and Sam McDonald paid a visit to Ferrier Mackay-James at the Cathedral of Trees on the anniversary of his death, 16 August 2017. It was suitably damp but warm and not too windy.

Sam Macdonald joined them at Strontoiller, where Nicola had so kindly housed and fed them during the week. Everyone chose flowers from Nicola’s garden (Sam had brought his own bouquet from his garden) and made their way to Glencruitten. After a short, picturesque and yes, soggy walk, they arrived at the Cathedral of Trees.
Sam shared a very touching story about the day he learned of Ferrier’s death, Mary about a dream she had about him the night before her wedding to Alastair and Nicola and Susanah shared memories of Ferrier from their childhood. Alastair then shared the stories sent by Max, Fiona and other friends of Ferrier.


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