A Highland Wedding

In October, just before the last of the summer flowers began to fade, the Cathedral of Trees was the setting for a really happy event:-the marriage between   Ruth Bakos Hodge and Thomas Anderson.   The bride with bridesmaids and page entered to the sound of the pipes as the groom waited anxiously with family and close friends at the altar.   The service was conducted according to the rite of the Scottish Episcopal Church with a reading given by Ruth’s brother.  At the end of the ceremony, the piper led everyone out of the Cathedral  for the signing of the marriage schedule in the nearby cabin.   Numbers had to be limited because of Covid 19 restrictions but it was a very moving and heart felt occasion, made all the more significant as Ruth and Thomas both share a love of the Cathedral and often go walking in the surrounding woodlands. 

This was the first marriage ceremony to be held at the Cathedral.   We hope others will follow!