Hidden Secrets of the Cathedral

Visitors to the Cathedral of Trees have often asked for a translation of the Greek text on the gravestone on the left side of the altar.   Sadly, we haven’t been able to provide one. 


However, earlier this summer a kind friend, Colin Heber-Percy, (a very modest ancient Greek scholar!) came to our help.  On a rainy day, he copied down the script, did a bit of research and discovered the origin of the quotation .  It is from a piece by Callimachus (310-240BC) and it is his epigram addressed to his dear friend Heracleitus.  Here is a translation with the words from the gravestone in capitals.


“One told me, Heracleitus, of thy death and brought me to tears.   I remembered how often we two in talking put the sun to rest.  Thou, methinks Halicarnasian friend, art ashes long and long ago;  BUT THY NIGHTINGALES STILL  LIVE whereon Hades, snatcher of all things, shall not lay his hand”.  


Thank you, Colin.