Plans for the Nave

Nave with dead trees removed and ground ready for planting

When the Cathedral of Trees was laid out, the nave was planted with heaths to give the effect of a mosaic floor and heathers. Over the years these became straggly and unsightly and so the decision was taken – in the early 70s? – to grass over the area.

With the creation of the charity (SCIO) in 2016 with the ecological and community dimension to all its aims, it has been decided to go back to the original idea of the mosaic floor and to create this with a mixed planting of ground cover and low level plants. This will be a way of increasing the diversity of the insect life as well as providing colour to the site and additional interest and learning possibilities for all visitors.

With the digger on site, we have been able to bring in top soil, dump it onto the ground area of the nave and rake it smooth in readiness for planting.

Some flowers (annuals and Scottish favourites) are now being planted and in the Autumn we hope to begin a programme of more permanent planting which will include replacement yew tree