Alexander Mackay

Alexander Mackay 1856-1937


Alexander Mackay was born in Dunkeld in 1856, the son of a railway construction worker.  He went on to be one of Dundee’s most successful businessmen as a senior partner of Dundee accountancy firm Messrs Mackay Irons & Co before expanding his interests into America. He invested in timber in British Columbia and in copper, he was chairman or director of, among other companies, the Matador Land and Cattle Company, Shell Oil Corporation, The Anglo-Egyptian Oil Company, Toreador Royalties, Mackay Estates.  As chairman of the Matador Land and Cattle Company, which he formed in 1882, he held almost a million acres in Texas and owned the largest herd of Hereford cattle in the world.

Among other appointments held by Mr Mackay were the position of auditor of the University of St Andrews and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, treasurer to Dundee High School, secretary and treasurer for many years to the Mars Training ship Institution, and secretary of the trust founded by the late Lord Armitstead to carry on a working men’s club and institute in Dundee.